Born in 1977,Edwin is a tireless evangelist ,preacher and teacher of the Word of God .He is a public speaker and inspired motivator. Edwin is readily available for any speaking engagements.

His ministry works together with many pentecostal ,charismatic and evangelical ministries in evangelism and missions . Edwin is a Professional Hunter and Guide by profession with vast hunting and guiding experience in the tourism industries of Zimbabwe and South Africa .

He is also an upcoming business man and a director of True Light Investments ,a company with interests in tourism and food industries .He is also on the board of management with Prison Society and Church Alliance [PRI.S.C.A] a non governmental organisation.

For a full story of Edwin's life ...how and when he got born again ...read his life testimony in his forthcoming book, "THE ARITHMETIC OF DIVINE INFLUENCE".

Edwin Majone is an inspired evangelist who will not compromise the word of God. He is a prayer warrior and would not hesitate to testify that he has at one point in his life prayed for 24 hours without even taking a break. He loves prayer, fasting, teaching and preaching the word of God. He also spends much of his time meditating on the word.

Edwin Majone is the founding president of Jesus IS First Ministries. His ministry absolutely upholds the Great Commission ''Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations - - - ''Matthew 28:19

When the Lord Jesus said ''GO'' he meant we had to move from one point to another i.e from the church building to the sinner! He meant we had to be actional. To ''go'' is not to be idly seated it is to carry an action to a certain point. It is to carry the action of witnessing Jesus up to the point of getting the lost saved on the spot ;up to the point of winning the sinner to Jesus Christ. ''Go out into the highways and hegdes and compel them to come, that my house may be filled'' Luke 14:23

Indeed the word of God says ''The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge ''Proverbs 1:7. Edwin believes one's fear of the Lord is not absolute when they have not begun to win the lost to Christ. The beginning of knowledge through the fear of God begins when the christian believer starts winning souls to Christ. The divine yardstick that measures how much wise one is in the eyes of God is not how humble one is before God ;nor how often one prays ;nor how often one tithes it's how often one wins souls to Jesus Christ;- - - he who wins souls is wise'' Proverbs 11:30.

The Holy Spirit has planted an insatiable desire to win souls to Christ in Edwin's heart and has also blessed him with an authorship ministry . With said, Edwin's authorship ministry as well as his mass evangelism crusades seeks to fulfil the Great Commission as well as uplifting the already saved. Edwin regards the Great Commission on the part of God as the Great Obligatory Command -here God puts the believer under a divine obligation -winning souls. And on the part of the believer it is the Great Commitment Commission-here the believer is compelled to strongly commit themselves to winning souls. Awesome!


The Kingdom of God is not yet full until the last sinner is plundered from the clutches of Satan ;until Satan is dispossessed of every human soul under his grip ;until all humanity become a new creation ;until every person is washed, cleansed body, soul and spirit with the precious blood of Jesus;until every human being is washed, sanctified and justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the omnipotent Holy Spirit ;until every human being is rid of every spot of sin ;of every blemish of iniquity, of every wringle of transgression and of every trace of unbelief :The Kingdom of God is not full until every person becomes an ambassador for Christ; until God is left with no human soul to judge and condemn for hell on judgement day!